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Holiday Information


Pay the rent and other necessary bills
There’s nothing like coming back from your holiday with ‘overdue notices’ in the mail and an overspent budget.

Change the message on your voicemail answering machine
It might be a bad idea to leave the message ‘I’m away on holidays for 2 weeks’ since it gives a thief plenty of time to empty your house.

Confirm your reservations
Doesn’t hurt to make sure that the airlines aren’t on strike and you still have a holiday to go to.

Plant care
Have someone take care of your plants while you’re away or they will change colours.

Pet care
Have someone take care of your pets while you’re away or they will change colour too, or book them into an exclusive ‘Pet Motel’.

Store away things that are easy to steal
Somethings, like bicycles, are unlikely to be stolen from your backyard when you are home, but if it becomes obvious that you’re away, such as if there is tons of mail in your letterbox, then a thief may feel comfortable enough to steal things that usually require too much time and effort to locate and move.


Empty your fridge of perishables
Vegetables, for example, are pretty disgusting if you have to deal with them 4 - 6 weeks after they should have been eaten.

Give a copy of your house keys to someone else
Not a bad idea if you are on a longer trip, in case something must be done in your house - maybe someone needs to water the plants or take care of your mail. Make sure you give them spare keys, you don’t want to be locked out of your own house if the only set gets lost.

Forward newspapers and magazines - if you’re away for some time, it might be a good idea to forward your subscribed newspapers or magazines to some other place or person. Some newspapers also allow you to put your subscription on hold till you come back.

Unplug electrical stuff
This may reduce the risk of fire if the house is struck by lightning , or if there is some kind of power surge, while you’re away. Some appliances consume electricity while plugged in, even if they are turned off - a good example televisions.

If you are worried about your house not looking lived in while you are away
It is very simple and inexpensive to change that. Firstly, re-direct your mail to a friend or family members’ home and secondly, you can purchase, quite cheaply from any major department store, lamps and radios that have timers on them. You can set them to turn on at times in the evening so from the outside it looks like you are still home. A good idea is to set the radio on a talk-back show ( if you can find one) - makes it more real. Or you can purchase timers for your household lights.


When booking your accommodation, go for something self-contained with a kitchenette and a laundry and try to pick something that has a swimming pool or a garden; somewhere the kids can run amok at the end of the day and burn off all that extra energy.
Of course you should have a medical kit handy in the car, but make sure it contains paediatric strength medications, extra adhesive strips, Stingose and of course, plenty of sunscreen.

There are about three million senior Australian who spend almost $900 million on domestic travel every year. You can now get hold of Australia’s first Seniors’ Travel Guide called ‘Get Up and Go’ written especially for senior.
The book has it all, such as, how to stretch your dollar further, deals on
public transport, attractions which offer senior discounts, travelling as a single and advice for seniors with disabilities.
‘Get Up and Go’ costs around $3.95 and is available from Amcal pharmacies throughout Australia or you can call Seniors’ Card Offices in each state.

When planning a trip through the outback make sure your vehicle is thoroughly serviced before you hit the road. Make sure you have plenty of food and water with you just in case you do break-down in some remote area.
You won’t believe the state of some of the roads until you reach them and you should always carry spare parts, such as a fan belt, radiator hose and an extra spare tyre.
The most important thing is to let people know where you are going and how long you expect to take to get there. If you intend to be in Thargaminda in two days time, ring a friend in your home town and let them know you will ring them when you arrive. If they don’t get your call, they can alert the authorities who can start looking for you. It’s easier if they know the direction you were heading in.
Another good piece of advice: if your car has broken down, never, ever leave it. You’ve got food, you’ve got water and your car is there. It’s a big object and you won’t perish. Stick with it and you’ll be fine.

The most important tip is research. It’s an important tip for able-bodied people, but when you have a disability it becomes critical to know as much as possible about the place you are visiting. The success of your journey can depend on that.
Transport is a vital issue - will there be wheelchair-friendly transport on arrival? Are the places you want to visit able to accommodate a wheelchair? Try to find out how locals in the same situation get about.
Check out accommodation - how close is it to where you want to be? Are there bathrooms suitable? Is there somewhere nearby where you can rent any necessary equipment? If you need to take transport from your accommodation, can it take a wheelchair?
If travelling alone, see if there are any nursing or caring agencies available, and find out their costs. Before leaving home, have your chair tuned up, just like a car. It’s important that everything is running smoothly. People with disabilities and their family and friends can access this website to get in contact with companies specialising in travel for people with disabilities.
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